g er rngsnn

Oftar en einu sinni hefur flk sagt a g s rngsnn, yfirleitt egar rkrtt er rija glasi (hall Dav :) ) g er ekki ngilega opinn fyrir hinum msu mguleikum. Mig skortir viljann til a tra.

etta er satt og rtt.

spjallrum heimasum James Randi fann g brf (hr var vsun upprunlega brfi en v miur tapaist a uppfrslu spjallrum Randi, etta er v eina eintaki af brfinu netinu) sem lsir mnu sjnarhorni snilldarvel. g tek undir allt sem essi nungi segir. Lt brfi fylgja hr me, nenni ekki a a a.

This will probably turn out to be rather lengthy, so bear with me. Every once in a while I get the urge to vent, and this time you folks are the benefactors (victims?) of this urge.

In this weeks column James Randi lists some of the many, many excuses given by the psychics as to why they wont take the challenge. One of them struck me as kind of odd:

8) "If you're close-minded, then the powers will not work."

I hear this all the time, on this forum & elsewhere. Those that believe in the paranormal think theyve discovered something awe-inspiring and new. They feel that skeptics are too close-minded to see the incredible feats of the psychic world. They pity us for not believing in whatever God they worship and wonder how a skeptic can be happy.

All the while missing the point that such beliefs have a built in hypocrisy. As a skeptic I am one of the most open-minded people in the universe; all I ask for is proof. Show me something exists and Ill believe it; it doesnt seem to be that difficult of a concept to grasp. Theres U.S. $1 million waiting for the person that can do ANYTHING that is paranormal. As yet, it remains unclaimed.

These believers have looked so long for something to fill the void in their lives that they are loath to let it go, which creates a perfect lab for hypocritical thinking. They think they have found the secrets that nobody else has been able to see, all the while ignoring the fact that there is NO proof that ANY of these powers exists. They need so badly for these things to be real that they have to close their minds to any proof otherwise, all the while telling us that we are the ones who are unwilling to listen.

One of the favorite tactics of the believers is to point out how many times science was wrong on various things. There are a slew of quotes by people that were proven incorrect; people saying that heavier-than-air flight is impossible a few months before the Wright brothers took off. The President of IBM saying nobody would want a computer in their house, etc. Ive had the True Believers toss these quotes at me in an almost reverent manner. Every one of these people seem to miss the fact that these quotes tend to prove my point, not weaken it. The people that made these quotes were able to admit they were wrong once they were SHOWN. SOME. PROOF.

Certainly we can all remember the young Russian girl whose power was peeking? And the concentrated effort by certain people on this board to prove that she really did have these powers, even after any reasonable person could see through the fraud? But no, it wasnt the fact that she was a fraud trying to cheat. It was the nasty close minded skeptics that made her fail. But the JREF, a foundation for critical thinking, was the one putting up the money. All the girl had to do was SHOW. SOME. PROOF.

Yes, Ive read the threads where proof was offered. If you did their tests, their way then they might work once. But you couldnt look why they were doing it, or film it, or observe it too closely, or do anything to prove them wrong. The more desperate ones seem to be clamoring for James Randi himself to travel halfway across the world to appear on [place name of TV show here], or to set up a prime time special, or some other such poppycock. If what claptrap theyre trying to peddle is real then why dont they toss some dosh for a ticket to Florida and get tested? Why dont they take ten minutes to fill out the form & can go through the preliminary test? If any of them could ever prove that a paranormal power can exists then Im willing to bet that almost every skeptic would happily admit to being wrong. They could make a fool out of every single skeptic on the planet just SHOWING. SOME. PROOF.

As a skeptic I am fascinated by the human mind. Aliens made the pyramids? Hardly! That was man, using his brain. To me that is far more wondrous than believing that little green men landed on our planet so they could stack a bunch of rocks together. Some kindly old man is in the sky watching over me, hoping I behavebut is more than willing to sear my flesh for all eternity if I screw up? Ive outgrown such silly notions.

The fact that my child can be given a few drops of a strawberry tasting gel & never have to worry about polio is astonishing. Knowing I can go to a refrigerator & get something cold while Im warming something up in my microwave is incredible. When I recently had to have a wisdom tooth pulled it was completely painless. I have wonderment in my every day life, I dont need to invent things or feed the egos of charlatans to make my life complete. The things that I can touch, that I can feelthose things that can be PROVEN bring me enjoyment that is immeasurable.

I am happy because I love what life has to offer & I can see it all around me. How miserable must these people be to grasp at such straws? How awful for them, not to have any internal guidance & must therefore depend upon a book written by others. How pathetic that they cant see the majesty that is human, that instead they have to search for hidden meanings in cloud formations or tea leaves. Of course these meanings are only fathomable to them; when asked for some proof they fade away as quickly as the mist rising from the cup.

As a skeptic I am open-minded. I say there is no proof of the paranormal, and I want you to prove me wrong. I would love to see a human that truly has these abilities; I would dance in the streets and rejoice at the wonderment. I would willingly go on television and admit that I was wrong; I would happily join the believers out there as their newest convert. It would be a grand day for me indeed if even one person out there could SHOW. SOME. PROOF.

I dont think I could ever be so close-minded as the believers. If there were a hell I think being unable to say Yes, I was wrong. You have proven it to me would be one of its major apsects.


Gya - 03/07/02 10:34 #

Ertu viss um a hafir ekki skrifa etta sjlfur :-) etta er alveg eins og a sem segir :-) Gya