Bagdad brennur


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Baghdad Burning

The looting and killing of today has changed from the looting and killing in April. In April, it was quite random. Criminals were working alone. Now they’re more organized than the CPA (Coalition Provisional Authority) and the troops combined. No one works alone anymore- they’ve created gangs and armed militias. They pull up to houses in minivans and SUVs, armed with machineguns and sometimes grenades. They barge into the house and demand money and gold. If they don’t find enough, they abduct a child or female and ask for ransom. Sometimes the whole family is killed- sometimes only the male members of the family are killed.


I am female and Muslim. Before the occupation, I more or less dressed the way I wanted to. I lived in jeans and cotton pants and comfortable shirts. Now, I don’t dare leave the house in pants. A long skirt and loose shirt (preferably with long sleeves) has become necessary. A girl wearing jeans risks being attacked, abducted or insulted by fundamentalists who have been… liberated!


Nýja testamentiđ fyrir unglingsstelpur.

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A Cosmo-Style Makeover for the Bible?

With a trio of smiling teenage girls on the cover, along with teasers for beauty tips and dating advice, Revolve looks like it has more in common with Glamour than Gideon.

But don't judge the Good Book by its cover. Revolve is an honest-to-goodness Bible, encompassing the New Testament from Matthew to Revelation. But its magazine-like styling and bright cover will help it seem hipper to today's girls, the publishers hope.

"We asked teen girls how often they read the Bible," says Laurie Whaley, one of Revolve's editors and a spokeswoman for its publisher, Thomas Nelson Bibles. "The response that came back was, 'Well, we don't read the Bible.'


Pizzusendill neyddur til ađ rćna banka (og sprengdur í tćtlur)

Investigators trying to determine if man forced to rob bank

A pizza delivery man told police he had been forced to rob a bank and asked authorities to help him minutes before a bomb strapped to his chest exploded and killed him.

Úff, ef mađurinn er saklaust fórnarlamb er ţetta alveg hrikalegt. Svona glćpir eru víst frekar algengir í Kólumbíu (atvikiđ átti sér stađ í Bandaríkjunum) ţannig ađ ekki er ólíklegt ađ mađurinn hafi sagt satt. Einnig er ólíklegt ađ hann hefđi látiđ sprengjuna springa ef hann hefđi sjálfur stađiđ á bak viđ ţetta.


Bush missir allt úr höndunum

Bush missir hund
Magnađur svipur á stelpunum, hundinn sakađi ekki.