Konur, kynlíf og Stephen Fry

Fréttir af meintum ummælum Stephen Fry þar sem haft var eftir honum að konur nytu ekki kynlífs rötuðu til Íslands (dæmi: eyjan, Pressan, mbl).

Stephen Fry hefur svarað á bloggi sínu.

Stephen Fry: Silliness

Let me now come out and say before we go any further that I entertain no such notion. Much as you may wish to think me a compound of the most misogynistic, ignorant, sexist and antediluvian pig who ever trod the planet I can truly report that I know and love enough women to be quite assured of the fact that women do indeed enjoy sex. I would have to ignore evolution, precedent, personal experience and the empirical observation of vibrator sales and teenage pregnancies and all kinds of obvious and unavoidable facts in between to believe anything else. And yet the public perception appears to be that I have made a statement that proves I think otherwise. Any number of self-righteous, indignant and contemptuous figures have (if I have understood aright) come out to condemn me for opinions that I have never even held.

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