Jkvni, neikvni og raunsi

Frbr tu mntna ra um jkvni, neikvni og raunsi. Tengt vi hruni, Leyndarmli, Bush yngri og fleira. Afskaplega margir fnir punktar essu stutta myndbandi.

(S hj PZ Myers)


Matti - 14/07/10 23:12 #

Frbr athugasemd hj PZ Myers.

Positive thinking is one of the great cons.

  • There's just a tiny grain of truth in it, namely that negative thinking sometimes promotes failure. That's enough for 'plausibility' in the mind of the critically illiterate.
  • It doesn't require adherence to any belief system, except a single piece of magical thinking.
  • It makes vast but vague promises - "Whatever you want, you'll get".
  • It can be credited as the source of any and all successes, so is wide open for confirmation bias.
  • The poor can be conned and subdued by giving hectoring 'advice', the rich by charging for courses to do the same thing.
  • It puts the onus of action entirely on the dupe - the promoter doesn't need to do anything except talk.
  • It enables you to blame the victim when it fails - if someone fails, it's because they weren't positive enough. More than that, it makes the victim blame themselves. That's genius.

Arnar - 15/12/10 09:42 #

Yes! N kemur n glra prestasklarkisins: Matti dreyfir klmi!

Arnar - 15/12/10 09:56 #

Frbrt vde annars.. hj Barbara Ehrenreich en ekki klmi.

Matti - 15/12/10 12:13 #

Kommon, g var prfi :-)