KŠrleikur og tr˙arbr÷g­

╔g held satt best a­ segja a­ kŠrleikur sÚ eitthva­ sem hvert og eitt okkar hefur, en til a­ kŠrleikur ver­i hluti af samfÚlaginu er ■÷rf ß tr˙arbr÷g­um.

Vanalega sÚr ma­ur svona bull bara frß snarklikku­um tr˙arn÷tturum - eins og t.d. biskup.

Framhald af ■essu.

kristni vÝsanir

Lissy - 22/09/09 23:55 #

Well, certainly capitalism does not encourage feelings of love, compassion, and caring. Art can, but is more often these days directed towards encouraging feelings of disquiet, displacement, and irony. Education can, and I think does, when it is not being used to further the first two. Science, well, science can go either way, I think astronomy and biology both inspire awe, and when done right can also be about caring through understanding. But too often, capitalism gets its hands on that too. The thing that makes religion nice is that it is pretty hard (though clearly not impossible) to turn it into an exclusively capitalist endeavor. As a mode of resistance, it is therefore extremely valuable. Yes, something that was abusive of its power in the past can serve an entirely different purpose in the present.

hildigunnur - 23/09/09 08:38 #

Lissy, en mßli­ er a­ (allavega skipul÷g­) tr˙arbr÷g­ geta og eru i­ulega notu­ til alls annars en kŠrleika. Og ■a­ er ˇtr˙lega miki­ kapÝtalÝskt Ý til dŠmis Ůjˇ­kirkjunni, ■vÝ mi­ur.